The Kumoba pond in Karuizawa, Japan


Karuizawa area has a pond surrounded by trees with colorful leaves. It’s a view from the entrance of walking trail. A little late for enjoying changing color of leaves, however not too late.
North blue sky has one peace of cloud. I remember the pond is called Kumoba-Ike (cloud area pond) . Just a peace of cloud remember the name of the pond.

Unfortunately there are no free paking space. I needed to pay 500JPY (about 5USD) for paking my car and walk 100 meter to the pond. I think I enjoyed deep fall season in Karuizawa.


White Thread Fall in Karuizawa, Japan

Karuizawa is a resort area in Nagano perefecture, in the center of Japan and really favorite among Japanese. Although the season is being ended, the famous fall caught so many travelers.

The height is around 3 meter. However, the width is 70 mater. It could be called a wide and short tall as ones in Japan.
The feature that you can see is that it is like a water curtain. Falling water lines make it. You must understand why the fall is called White Thread Fall.

Cold water appears between layers keeps transparency after heavy rain. It is from underground and separated from surface water.

Sake, Ippongi

Ippongi is a bland of Japanese sake made in Fukui prefecture where is located close to Toyama prefecture. Both have rich rice and water. Though sake is made of rice and rice is made from water, water is really important for sake producers and drinkers.
Around ten years ago, I lived in Fukui prefecture for two years. Then I enjoyed Ippongi, however not so much. Recently I found Ippongi at a mini-mart in Toyama prefecture. I got it at last.

Taste is a little heavier than Tateyama that is major sake bland in Toyama prefecture.I prefer to drink Ippongi when I want to drink a little. If I want to drink so much, I choose Tateyama. Maybe.

The label is green. So it is called green Ippongi. Officially, it is called Ippongi Kin-in(gold label). Literally, IPPON means one (not judo term). GI means justice. It could be translated “One Justice.”

Ippongi remembers me rice smell. It might be traditional taste.

I drank cold it however the producer recommends to enjoy hot sake. I will try it next time.


Mt. Tsurugi

Mt. Tsurugi is one of the highest moutains of Tateyama Mountains, which height is 2,999 meter. Until 2006, itwas 2,998 meter. Before 1968, it had 3,005 meter height.

Of course, Mt. Tsugugi doesn’t grow up or shrink. Just improvement of of measurement. However, so many Japanese are intersted in whether Mt. Tsurugi will get 3,000 meter height or not. The last one meter is difficult.

I can see Mt. Tsurugi everytime in my life now. It’s a really beauftiful mountain.


Hakushika, Japanese Sake for Hokuriku Area

Hakushika, Japanese Sake for Hokuriku Area

Hakushika, Japanese Sake for Hokuriku Area

This is a paper package of Hakushika, Japanese sake, containing 2 liter.

It is just for Hokuriku area, meaning Japan sea side of middle Japan consisted of Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui prefectures. Therefore no liquor shops in Tokyo or Osaka sell them.

Some food and liquor producers sell such special ones.


The design of the package is almost same as this introduction. However, liquor doesn’t seem to be same.


Probaby, liquor is almost same as this.

I am not sure why the company made such a package for a local area. Do they want to instinct pride of local people?

Anyway, I would like to express that the green color doesn’t much Japanaese sake.
Plus, taste is too sweet like typical cheep sake.

However, it was really cheep and lower than 10 USD per 2 liters. So someone may appreciate cost performance.